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2020 NFL Draft Insights

We’ve taken a hard look at the completed 2020 NFL Draft and picked some of the bigger names for review.  What we’re trying to do is identify which players are in the best opportunities to succeed and for their card values to ascend.

Here’s what we’ve come up with:

1. Joe Burrow, QB, Pick # 1, Cincinnati Bengals

Following the greatest college football season for a quarterback ever, Burrow goes #1 overall to Cincinnati. Normally, the Bengals are hobby hell for players but Burrow has so much fame and interest that he will draw the cameras.

Many expect him to be the franchise’s savior… like Gretzky to the Edmonton Oilers. With Andy Dalton moving on, this is Burrow’s team now and he will be the starter Day 1.

The cupboard isn’t bare in Cincy with Joe Mixon and a healthy AJ Green, Tyler Boyd, John Ross, and fellow draftee Tee Higgins on the offense. We fully expect golden boy Burrow to excel on the field and in the hobby. To put it this way, the only player we’ve seen more pre-orders for his rookie cards is Zion Williamson.

With a strong start, Burrow could see his cards rise like Pat Mahomes and Lamar Jackson did the last two years.


2. Chase Young, DE, Pick #2, Washington Redskins

For defensive players to get hot they have to be special… really special… and have a little something that sets them apart. Think J.J. Watt or Aaron Donald. We love Chase Young and he should be in every collection but the hobby loves touchdowns.  (note, we should have Young inventory mid-May.)


3. Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Pick #5, Miami Dolphins

If it weren’t for a brutal hip injury the raging debate of who goes first, Tua or Joe, would have been exhausting. Instead, the extremely talented Alabama QB lands in a very good situation in Miami with the Dolphins. Let us be very, very clear. Tua has as much, maybe even more, UPSIDE than Burrow but his recent injury history has some concerned about his DOWNSIDE. We see near limitless potential.


4. Justin Herbert, QB, Pick #6, Los Angeles Chargers

Herbert has all the tools and is headed to a popular team with a nice set of receivers and backs who can receive out of the backfield. He’ll have plenty of weapons. The Chargers move into their shiny new stadium this year and will need to win soon to pay the rent.  With journeyman Tyrod Taylor currently in front of him, it might not be long before Justin Herbert attempts to be the next Philip Rivers.


5. Henry Ruggs, WR, Pick #12, Las Vegas Raiders

Ruggs was the first big surprise to draft watchers with most objective analysts rating him third in the draft class. But was it really? We spoke with ESPN’s Raiders reporter as the pick was made and he wasn’t surprised at all. This was an Al Davis pick… the fastest receiver in the draft.

But the reality is that it should be a real fit with a downfield thrower like Derek Carr and a ton of opportunity with Vegas’s mediocre receiving corps. Plus Josh Jacobs’ strong rushing game should keep safeties near the line, giving a stretch receiver like Ruggs lots of one-on-one opportunities to ghost opposing man coverages.


6. Jerry Jeudy, WR, Pick #15, Denver Broncos.

Like most draft analysts, we had the Alabama stud as our #1 receiver in this class. Pre-draft rumors had John Elway and the Broncos trying to find a way to trade-up for Jeudy. And then the Raiders gave their divisional rivals a gift and Jeudy becomes Drew Lock’s new best friend.

Jeudy is an absolute total-package route runner, ball catcher, and TD machine. We haven’t seen a receiver this complete since Calvin Johnson. He should excel in Denver’s high altitude climate where rival corners often struggle.

And from a hobby perspective, Denver’s fan base is very loyal.  He will see more buying volume and price appreciation in orange and blue.


7. CeeDee Lamb, WR, Pick #17, Dallas Cowboys

Dallas had one of the best drafts this year and one of their best in years. Playmaker Lamb follows unexpectedly into their laps and is in a perfect position. Within days Jerry Jones tells Lamb to wear #88 just like Drew Pearson, Michael Irvin, Dez Bryant. 

Lamb is ELECTRIC after the catch and should battle Amari Cooper for #1 receiver status. Better yet, with the cast of receivers in Big D, Dak Prescott extending plays, and Ezekiel Elliott running the rock it will be very hard to protect corners with a safety or double-coverages. And Dallas might have the largest fan base in the league. Lamb rookie card prices nearly doubled after he was given his star.


8. Justin Jefferson, WR, Pick #22, Minnesota Vikings

In any other year Jefferson might have been a top 15 pick but in the deepest class of ball catchers ever he goes #22 to the contending Vikings. Good news for Justin is he’s got a competent quarterback in Kirk Cousins, a great receiver in Adam Thielen to be a mentor, and all those targets Stefon Diggs left behind as he went to Buffalo. Keep an eye on JJ.


9. Brandon Aiyuk, WR, Pick #25, San Francisco 49ers

Another super gifted guy in this insane WR class, Aiyuk finds himself added to the Super Bowl runner’s up. It’s a great situation with Emmanuel Sanders and a few other offensive pieces departed. Any Niner that puts up numbers gets hobby love and as the 2021 NFC favorites he’ll be on TV a ton.

Aiyuk isn’t currently being priced as a high-upside guy for one of the NFL’s most successful franchises. Expect that to change.


10. Jordan Love, QB, Pick #26, Green Bay Packers

The shock of the draft, not because of when he went in Round One, but where he went. With Aaron Rodgers under center the Pack decide to grab Love.

We get it. We’re on the record as saying Love might even be the most physically talented quarterback in the draft. 

The irony is the situation may be exactly like it was for Rodgers, coming in to stand behind the legend Brett Favre… waiting, waiting, waiting… until super stardom.

But anything can happen… an injury, trade demand, retirement… any of which and Love could be the face of a franchise which will someday have three quarterbacks in the Hall of Fame. Love is an absolute must have stash for collectors.


11. Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB, Pick #32, Kansas City Chiefs.

Brace yourself. 

We think that Edwards-Helaire could be the Rookie of the Year. Yep, even with the list of players we just ran through the LSU RB is in an absolute ideal position. First off, he’s one of the best receiving backs in years and that Chief’s offense sure does like to throw the ball. And he’s talented enough as a runner that he’s on the field for all three downs.

If he becomes the starter in an incredibly prolific offense driven by Pat Mahomes, he should have tons of stats and TV time.

And for some reason, Edwards-Helaire isn’t in any of the early base sets. This will drive interest in all his subsequent stuff like Panini Instant, Donruss, etc.

Maybe we’ll have to do a HYPE! Rookie Card of him soon. 😊

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