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How to Use Fantasy Football Drafts to Predict Hot Rookie Cards.

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Really, only two things cause cards to go up in value: performance and championships. With that in mind, a smart collector will look for players who are getting ready to have a big year or take home a trophy. As anyone with a tv or radio is aware, we are in Fantasy Football draft season. And there is much to be learned.

Using fantasy information you can go out and purchase rookie cards of the players who the experts thinks will pile up the stats.  Is Matt Schaub poised for a breakout year? Will this be a banner year for Ray Rice? Aaron Rodgers?

Fantasy experts think so.

Of all the draft data we’ve reviewed, the site below stands out because instead of ONE opinion being put forth it aggregates all the real-time results from hundreds and hundreds of drafts. This gives you a strong consensus as to what Fantasy owners believe and perhaps a little head start in collecting, especially with rookies. (Hint: This editor thinks Ryan Mathews is a huge buy.)

So, take a look at the ever-changing and updating Fantasy Football Calculator here and use this to help pick up this year’s Chris Johnson.

Here goes:

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