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Shohei Ohtani Has Arrived!

Posted by RC Team on

The 2017 Topps Now card for the newest MLB sensation, Shohei Ohtani, has arrived!

Often called the Japanese Babe Ruth, Ohtani commands a 102 mph fastball, plays the outfield and hits massive home runs. Major League Baseball hasn't seen a player like this in decades and he will have two continents of buyers pursuing. All the components for a hobby superstar are present, including the fact he will play alongside Mike Trout. Expect him to be on TV and Sports Center all the time.

We believe this could be one of those very special cards and a tremendous investment opportunity that starts at a very affordable price. This is Ohtani's ONLY 2017 AMERICAN ROOKIE CARD in his Los Angeles Angels jersey. He only has two American issued cards in 2017 and the other one already sells for hundreds of dollars ungraded - much more as a Gem 10.

This special card was limited to just 17k produced, and we've got it while supplies last.

We're thrilled to be ending a great 2017 on such a high note. Happy New Year to all of our friends and fellow enthusiasts!

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