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Cristiano Ronaldo 2004 Review + Campioni Futuro True Rookie Card 2-Pack PGI 10

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$ 189.95
Beautiful 2 card set (different cards!) of superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Here are the details on the first card -- This is a PGI 10 graded Cristiano Ronaldo rookie card from Rookie Review Series 6 released in late June 2004. This is a true ROOKIE CARD of this superstar phenom. A must have for the investor or collector, Ronaldo is one of the most exciting young soccer players in the world as he stars for his club and national teams. The card has perfect perforated edges. And here's the description on the second card -- This is a PGI 10 graded 2003-04 Italian "Campioni di Futuro" rookie card. Translated loosely as "Future Champions" this obscure and hard to find set is not often seen in North America and consists primarily of International soccer stars with some assorted big names known in the U.S. The cards are small, tobacco card size with a Euro-vintage style reminiscent of the classic Panini cards of the 60's. You'll love them both!