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Sidney Crosby & Ben Roethlisberger 2003 Rookie Review Card Lot PGI 10

$ 25.49
This listing is for TWO Gem Mint PGI 10 Rookie Cards of Sidney Crosby and Big Ben Roethlisberger! Card #1 is Sid's FIRST CARD EVER MADE from 2003 Rookie Review while Card #2 is a sweet 2003 Rookie Review card of Roethlisberger made when Ben was still in college!!! Each card has perfect perforated edges. You are bidding on the two cards pictured at the top left. Just click on any image to see a detailed larger version.This card has been graded by Pristine Grading International (PGI), a leading grader of top sports cards. Grading provides buyers with the peace of mind knowing they have a card in mint condition and that the protective graded holder will keep the card safe in the mail and in your possession.