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Enjoy $1 domestic shipping on every order! No coupon code required.

Caitlin Clark & WNBA Draft Night

In early 2024, we told anyone that would listen that Caitlin Clark would change everything. Only hours away from the 2024 WNBA Draft, we're back to double down on that stance.

Go back nearly fifty years. The NBA was a mildly popular sport until Larry Bird and Magic Johnson stormed into the league in 1979. A few years later a kid named Michael Jordan set the world on fire. The league has continued to grow exponentially since then.

Caitlin Clark will do the same thing for the WNBA.

The incomparable Caitlin Clark broke the NCAA all-time scoring record, became the hottest thing in trading cards, and came oh so close to winning a National Championship yet again this year.

Her collegiate trading cards are jumping in price as she makes her move from the NCAA to the WNBA.

Here at, Caitlin has been one of our top two sellers year to date (running neck and neck with another basketball phenom... Victor Wembanyama!) in terms of sales volume. We see demand for Caitlin's 2021 S.I. for Kids cards and her 2023 Bowman University Now cards, both graded and Certified Mint+ condition.

If you're still not sold on Caitlin-mania, keep in mind that she has been setting TV ratings records, helping the WNBA to sell tickets before she's even been drafted, and getting WNBA games for the upcoming season moved to national TV! She moves the needle, plain and simple.

A transformational WNBA career may could leave many looking back at current Caitlin card prices and wishing they had acted sooner. The time is now.

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